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You have a great story that generates opportunity. At 21st Avenue Partners, we know that executives and professionals in transition have great stories. We’ll work with you to develop your success story, show you how to tell it, and deliver it to networks in your target market looking for great stories like yours.

Using our proprietary FOCUS system—along with our partnerships with Toronto’s most reputable and forward-thinking executive transition experts—21st Avenue Partners helps find the next step of your transformation. Whether it’s a career change, a new business, a step forward or a step back, we have the expertise and connections to help. 





Focus is a holistic approach to career management, developed by founders Andrew Dorrington and John Herlihy over 20+ years of management consulting and talent strategy, that leverages a unique understanding of our clients to tell their stories in a way the marketplace can't ignore.


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The first step is finding our client’s target market, and specifying their goals. This means mapping out obstacles, and identifying the key resources needed to execute. Foresight identifies your vision and lays out the road ahead.



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The second step is developing our client's personal brand and comparative advantage.  Here we develop a clear brand summary, and mine your career for stories and experiences. We help you become a storyteller, and communicate this unique Offering in a relevant and impactful way.



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The third step is providing avenues to connect with the target market. This includes the relevant people and industry information that helps you understand trends and challenges in your new space. Connection opens up our extended network of industry contacts and proprietary market research.



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The fourth step is preparing our client for their upcoming opportunities by honing their diagnostic sales and interview skills. We coach you to probe effectively and naturally to identify your connections’ key issues, and present yourself as the focused solution. Uncovering finds the specific needs of your partners, and your place in solving them.



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The fifth and final step is to ensure our clients are equipped to sustain a level of performance for transition. To withstand the inevitable ups and downs that accompany any transition and ultimately to empower them for long term success.


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