Our career management philosophy is simple – manage your career as you would your business.



Proactive • Participative • Strategic

21st Avenue Partners LP is discreet, highly-specialized and we will help you secure your next career advancement opportunity within a plan tailored for your long-term success.

We work with our clients in a personal and pragmatic way to plan and manage their career advancement. We participate actively with clients who seek new job opportunities as well as with those contemplating a career change.

Our clients are people who understand the importance of managing their career as strategically as they would their business.



Our Service Model

We have a refined career strategy model based on solid business principles that will:

  • Develop your distinctive and authentic brand,
  • Create your career advancement strategy,
  • Resource your strategy with an advisory team and support services,
  • Connect you with the right people to create opportunities.



An Authentic Brand

Do you know what distinguishes you? What is your unique offering and how does it fit into your chosen marketplace? How is it valued? Do you know how to best present yourself so that employers and business partners will know immediately the strengths and value you bring?

Like it or not, you have a brand - the intangible sum of how you are perceived, the first impressions you create and the lasting impressions you leave behind. It is what other people say about you and what you are recognized for – good and bad.

21st Avenue Partners LP can make sure your brand is unambiguous, authentic, distinctive and relevant. We will work with you to articulate what sets you apart and out front. You will understand your unique offering and how best to articulate it.



Your Strategy for Career Advancement

Strategy is a vague and over-worked word. What we mean is; we will evaluate your current situation and examine your goals. We will determine where and how you fit into the current marketplace and how you can change the game. We will use our market intelligence, intuition and insight to help you define and implement a robust path for advancement.



Resourcing Your Strategy

We will equip you with the necessary resources to take the right steps on your path to success. We will provide time, technical expertise, training and advocacy. Together with 21st Avenue Partners LP, you can harness the power of proprietary learning and a formidable network, to create your next opportunity.



Creating Opportunity

Career management is about more than job hunting. It is about seeing opportunity where other people don’t and about creating sustainable value. It moves beyond the obvious to create possibilities which others miss, focusing on commercial reality and leveraging the right connections to make it happen.

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